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Reiki & Meditation 4 Kids

 Usui Reiki


History of Reiki:


Reiki is a hands on method of healing that has been around for centuries and has been know  in many cultures. When you read about reiki in books or on the internet you will find several different theories about where reiki came from.. the stars, Lemuria, Atlantis. Egypt, India, Tibet etc..What we do know for a fact is that Reiki was rediscovered in Japan by Mikao Usui during the beginning of the 20th century. For us westerners there are three persons that play a vital role in the history of Reiki..Dr. Makao Usui, Dr. Hayashi & Mrs. Hawayo Takata.






Benefits of Reiki

Reiki heals and elimates the effect of imbalances. 

Reiki does not conflict with your religion.

Reiki is a viable alternative natural healing and helping system, which can be easily combined with other techniques.

Reiki does not in any ways conflict with medical procedures and even enhances medical treatment.

Reiki can be used to help Pets other Animals & Plants.

Reiki is simple, easy and safe.

Reiki helps minimize your sense of hopelessness and powerlessness when faced with disease and crisis situations.

Reiki helps elimate stress caused by the rigors of daily life.

Reiki is not a belief system, therefore once activated, it will always be there.

Reiki is a self help system, which is straight forward and easy to use to help others. Reiki lasts forever.  Once activated, it never runs out or disappears.

Reiki promotes from within, the qualities of Love, Caring, Compassion, Pease & Serenity.

Reiki is a healing tool and a gentle relaxation technique. 

Reiki brings back balance and releases endorphins.


Reiki is Life Force Energy - Each of us are born with the ability to heal themselves and to bring ourselves back into balance.


There are five principles of Reiki:

 Just for today i will have the attitude of gratitude. 

To live in gratitude is to live in abundance. When we dwell on what we don't have we continue to experience not having. One must live in a state of gratitude, consciously appreciating & thanking the many blessings of life.

Just for today, i will not worry:

Negative thoughts indicate a lack of faith & hinder the outcome of our efforts. Live each day to the best of your ability & surrender yourself to the Higher Self. A positive frame of mind makes the situation appear far better than they would otherwise be..

 Just for today i will not anger:

Anger comes up when there is fear, when one starts feeling helpless and out of control. The best way to handle it is not to repress it but rather by feeling it fully and becoming fully aware of our actions to others and thereby, over a period of time learning to master our emotions. People who know and have developed the ability to handle anger, have made their lives happy.

 Just for today i will do my work honestly: 

Doing the work honestly and facing the truth in all things brings a peace of mind and calmness which can transform the person and raise his self- esteem.

 Just for today I will show respect for every living thing: 

To help in healing the whole world and developing a loving atmosphere, we must show respect to all living things.

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