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Reiki & Meditation 4 Kids

Global Animal Healing Event
Feb.14th. 11.11am - Feb 20th  11.11pm
From the comfort of your own home! 

Welcome to the Global Animal Healing event.

There will be random prize give-aways to make it a bit more fun!
Please share and invite friends!...
I would be honoured and grateful if you would join me in sending healing love to all animals from the comfort of your own home. It is as simple as lighting a candle or playing relaxing music and holding the intention of sending love and blessings to all animals. You could do a meditation or play the Oponopono prayer and light a candle. This can be done at any time
In these current times with so much chaos and unrest in the world I would like to invite you to pay tribute to the Animal Kingdom. All types of animals are suffering significant cruelty at the hands of humans. Not just our domestic pets – dogs and cats being stolen from us for dog fighting or to be used as bait, being treated with horrific cruelty f...rom some individuals, but also elephants, bears, tigers and lions being used in the tourist industry being starved and beaten, lions being drugged for tourists to take a photo! Whales, dolphins and so many more! The meat and export industries where animals are brutally treated. This is happening worldwide.
We can turn a blind eye or we can take action to help end this cruelty to sentient beings! There is no nice way to state the facts – no way to hide the suffering! But we can Unite and make a difference! May we all live in Peace and know love and kindness.
Much Love – Lyn deacon
Reiki Master/Animal Reiki Master

Please check updates at the event page....there are meditations - downloads - Quizes and info there!
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Global Animal Healing Event Prayer
Special thanks to Leslie L. Summers of Inner Calm Reiki
for this special Prayer for our Event